Meal Plan July 23-28


Muesli and fruit with almond milk and coffee


Salad (greens topped with chickpeas, sliced nectarines, french-fried onions, diced avocado, olive oil and red wine vinegar) pasta saladwith banana and peanut butter


  1. Pasta Salad with sliced tomatoes from our garden. In the pasta salad I used whole wheat rotini noodles, sliced yellow pear tomatoes, basil, parsley, chives, kalamata olives, red peppers, olive oil and a tiny amount of lemon juice with salt, pepper and cashew parmesan
  2. Sweet potato black bean enchiladas (I’m using sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash… mostly because when I picked up our online grocery order they didn’t have the butternut squash I ordered) with some sort of side salad using up the vegetables that we have… I think I might have bought/grown too many. Cucumbers anyone…….? I think I’m going to try something along the lines of this: Cilantro Coleslaw
  3. Taco salad: base of lettuce topped with seasoned black beans, roasted corn, chives, tomatoes, bell pepper, banana pepper, avocado, chopped shallots and a vinaigrette dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice and a little honey…with chips and salsa or guacamole of course 🙂
  4. Lebanese rice with side of broccoli
  5. Grilled pizzas with caprese salad – well, I still call it caprese, but really it’s just little tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette and chopped fresh basil when I leave out the cheese



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