Meal Plan July 16-21

So, we kind of have some wild cards this week that are making it hard to plan our meals. We may or may not have some company coming last minute and I have some weird pain in my mouth that’s making it difficult to eat my normal stuff. I’m going to hope for the best and tentatively this is what we’re eating:


Smoothie bowl (these are my inspiration)


Baked sweet potato with almond butter and banana slices


Leftover red beans and riceΒ from the freezer with carrot fries


Other leftovers as the week goes on


  1. Vegan pizzas (crust here with cashew parm) with side salads
  2. Veggie burgers Β (the last from the freezer) with oven baked fries and cucumber salad (We have SO. MANY. cucumbers in our garden right now)
  3. Cauliflower Alfredo with side salads
  4. Kale salad with Gardein chk’n strips and olive oil rosemary rolls
  5. Pecan glazed pork chops (sub tempeh for me) with roasted potatoes and red balsamic cabbage steak (kinda like this only I just used some homemade balsamic vinaigrette that I had on hand… same ingredients just probably different ratios)
  6. I’m using this recipe for BBQ pork loin, but subbing steaks for Josh (because that’s what we have in the deep freeze) and tempeh for me. Sides = grilled corn on the cob and charred romaine salads

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