July 9-14, 2017

We were travelling last week, so I got a break from cooking! Back to the grind this week.


Muesli and fruit with coffee



  1. I  need some more greens in my life. So, I’m going to try to get creative with some salad: bed of greens (combination of baby spinach, various lettuces, fresh herbs) topped with sliced peaches, avocado, tomatoes, shallots and a red wine vinaigrette). Ultimately I’m going to try to turn this into a salad that includes greens and no cheese. I need a protein, so I’ll probably just add some chickpeas and I’ll make roasted sweet potatoes for my side. I sort of struggle with pre-cooked sweet potatoes. It seems like they have a funny taste when I keep them in any sort of plastic, so I’m thinking about getting something like this or this to try instead.
  2. Tu-NO salad wraps (haha see what I did there). Using this recipe.


  1. Vegan Tacos, chopped mexican salad
  2. Chopped buffalo chickpea wraps (kinda like these), fries, frozen vegetables
  3. Leftover red beans and rice, frozen vegetables
  4. Spicy Thai Noodles (sub shelled edamame for eggs) with frozen stir fry mix vegetables
  5. Barbecue beans with corn cakes, coleslaw and frozen vegetables
  6. Chili carrot dogs with oven-baked fries and frozen vegetables. I’m using the second to last bag of leftover vegan chili and making these carrot dogs



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