image Meal Plan April 9-14


Veggie sausage breakfast sandwich on English muffin with a couple of avocado slices and sauteed kale (I’ve never made this before, but I”m going to try to do a scaled down version of this) If it doesn’t work out I’ll just go back to my usual trusty oatmeal with fruit and nutsIMG_6490




Smashed white bean and avocado sandwich with a side salad — my alternate for this will probably be peanut butter and jellyIMG_6493






  1. Naan pizzas again (last of the leftover naan bread from Kennedy’s birthday party) with side salads
  2. Gnocchi with pesto sauce and shrimp, frozen vegetables
  3. Smoked salmon {brine in water with salt and brown sugar before grilling with wood chips added to coals} with grilled or roasted potatoes, and spring quinoa salad
  4. Sandwiches — Josh will probably do shaved chicken from the freezer with some salami, prosciutto, olive tapenade and provolone cheese; but I might try a vegetarian sandwich like this one or this one, with sides of oven-baked fries and frozen vegetables
  5. Crock pot barbecue shredded chicken (I usually do somthing like this — give or take on the sauce and I don’t add onion) with cole slaw and Josh’s “pioneer man” potato salad
  6. Italian sausage sliced and caramelized with onions and bell peppers; roasted potatoes

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